Friday, April 25, 2014

An Interview with Talented KC Jazz Trumpeter E.E. Pointer of the River Cow Orchestra

Welcome to a Neon Jazz interview with the very talented trumpeter and member of the Zen jazz rich River Cow Orchestra .. E.E. Pointer .. On a recent Interview with Neon Jazz, E.E. was candid about a life well lived in teaching, playing jazz, and as a family man .. He discussed an early encounter with Chuck Berry, the many gigs that led to his present status with The River Cow Orchestra today, who his jazz luminaries are, why Miles Davis matters, along with a host of other wise words and stories ..

Click here to listen.

Neon Jazz is a radio program airing since 2011. Hosted by Joe Dimino and Engineered by John Christoper in Kansas City, Missouri giving listeners a journey into one of America's finest inventions. Take a listen on KCXL (102.9 FM / 1140 AM) out of Liberty, MO on Saturday Mornings from 7:00 - 9:00 a.m. Listen to KCXL at or on Tunein Radio via the Internet at

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