Thursday, November 30, 2023

Chief Executive Officer of Evergreen Podcasts Michael Dealoia

Welcome to a new edition of the Famous Interviews with Joe Dimino series .. On this episode, we talk with Chief Executive Officer of Evergreen Podcasts Michael Dealoia  .. Evergreen is a podcast network and production company in Cleveland, Ohio. Under his leadership, the company has grown from four original podcasts in 2017 to now producing and distributing over 250+ podcasts that have been listened to in over 180 countries. Evergreen Podcasts is on target for over 20 million podcast downloads globally in 2023. He is probably best known as the “Tech Czar” for the City of Cleveland having worked for two mayors as the point person for the economic development of the technology sector. During his tenure, Michael successfully brought 35 tech companies into the city, bringing over 1,000 jobs with them – a major feat for Cleveland in the early 2000s. Enjoy this Interview ..  

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