Monday, March 13, 2017

Legendary Singer, Songwriter, and Musician R. Stevie Moore

Welcome to a new interview with Prolific Music Man R. Stevie Moore  – This is one very busy cat that has been at the music for decades .. He’s known for his Cassette Club and being a dedicated musician giving fans the best of his unique approach to music .. Most recently, he’s been busy promoting his newest ablum Make it Be with the former Jellyfish member and power pop underground hero Jason Falkner  - This album is 5 years in the making and Stevie is about 65 years in the making .. So, get hip to this new project and plan on seeing him at the 2017 South by Southwest extravaganza in Austin, Texas .. So, get to know him and dig this interview, my friends ..

Click here to listen to the interview.

Thanks for listening and tuning into yet another interview .. where we give you a bit of insight into the finest cats in New York, Kansas City, Nashville and spots all over the globe giving fans quality music .. and thanks to R. Stevie for his time, honesty and story ..  If you want to hear more interviews, go to Famous Interviews with Joe Dimino on the iTunes store, visit the Neon Jazz Youtube Channel at or visit The Home of Neon Jazz at . 

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