Thursday, June 9, 2022

Author of Sweet Child of Mine Deanna Adler

Welcome to a new edition of the Famous Interviews with Joe Dimino series .. On this episode, we talk with Author of Sweet Child of Mine Deanna Adler .. Her son is the celebrated drummer for one of the greatest rock n roll band on the planet .. Guns N' Roses .. During it all, the original drummer Steven Adler stole hearts and headlines with his insane antics. He was also crippled by a tragic heroin addiction that led to him to being kicked out of the band he helped found. At the center of this chaos was his mother Deanna who is the GNR-proclaimed “first fan” of the group and was there since the beginning in 1983 .. She witnessed it all but has never told her incredible story, until this book. It’s a story she had to get out and it’s quite cathartic for her .. She talks about her unconditional love and their many stories that went into making this epic biography .. Enjoy .. 

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