Thursday, November 7, 2019

Colorado-based Author Rachel Kodanaz

Welcome to a new edition of the Neon Jazz interview series with Author Rachel Kodanaz .. She opened up about her new book called Finding Peace, One Piece at a Time – It has practical advice anyone can use who has a basement, attic or garage filled with "junk" accumulated over a lifetime. She has a great story and practical advice .. She has been speaking passionately to national audiences of all sizes for 20 years, addressing all aspects of change, growth, and acceptance that comes with embracing life’s challenges – She will be in Kansas City in mid-November 2019 to speak at a host of places around town .. The book is taking off and she has a great story of healing .. So enjoy this interview ..

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Thanks for listening and tuning into yet another Neon Jazz interview .. where we give you a bit of insight into the finest players in the Kansas City, and spots all over the USA giving fans all that jazz .. and thanks to Adam for his time, honesty and story .. If you want to hear more interviews, go to Famous Interviews with Joe Dimino on the iTunes store, visit the Neon Jazz Youtube Channel at or visit The Home of Neon Jazz at . Until next time .. enjoy the music my friends

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