Monday, May 1, 2023

Accomplished Businessperson & Entrepreneur Stacie Shifflett

Welcome to a new edition of the Famous Interviews with Joe Dimino series .. On this episode, we talk with Accomplished Businessperson & Entrepreneur Stacie Shifflett .. She is an accomplished businessperson and entrepreneur with experience and successes that span multiple industries. She is also a proficient student of life blessed with the gifts of insight, grit and optimism wrapped in a heart full of compassion.  A life-changing event in 2012 propelled Stacie forward on a personal journey of healing and self-discovery. During this time, she created opportunities to study with some of the best in the world on a wide range of topics and modalities. Her goal? To gain a better understanding of the human condition in general and, even more importantly, her own beliefs and mindset. That journey ignited in her a desire to help others reclaim their joy and peace of mind with the belief that we all have the freedom to fully align with the brilliance that is uniquely ours.  Enjoy this Interview ..  

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