Saturday, May 13, 2023

CEO & Business Owner Coach Ken Paskins

Welcome to a new edition of the Famous Interviews with Joe Dimino series .. On this episode, we talk with CEO & Business Owner Coach Ken Paskins .. After several decades of running teams of 400+ people, companies with a PNL of a half billion dollars, and closing a $40M software deal just days after 9/11, he spent decades executing and chasing, being unbalanced, and working IN the business, not ON the business in fortune 100, PE and VC companies. For the past seven years, he has operated as a fractional CEO/COO for many companies from pre-revenue to $200M, specifically with business owners in chaotic industries. His mission is to help CEO's and owners finally solve the core problems they are shackled with. As such, he created a community just for them called The Shift Spot where CEO's learn to take control of their business and their lives. Enjoy this Interview.  

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