Thursday, May 25, 2023

Author, Consultant & Executive in Police Reform Edward Cronin

Welcome to a new edition of the Famous Interviews with Joe Dimino series .. On this episode, we talk with Author, Consultant & Executive in Police Reform Edward Cronin .. In the field of American and International Law Enforcement, he holds a graduate degree in Criminal Justice Management along with an advanced graduate degree in Organizational Development and Systems Thinking. He has experience as a police chief in two Massachusetts cities as well as working in the United Kingdom, Egypt, Sweden, Portugal, and specializing in advising Eastern European police departments in Russia, Ukraine and Moldova. He is also a subject matter expert in the field of domestic violence and combatting corruption. Ed is an innovative and progressive leader in policing who is the past recipient on the International Chiefs of Police Association Individual Award in the Field of Civil rights in 2011. Enjoy this Interview.  

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