Thursday, February 6, 2020

Vintage-Pop & Jazz Vocalist, Songwriter & Actress Kat Edomonson

Welcome to a new edition of the Neon Jazz interview series with Vintage-Pop & Jazz Vocalist, Songwriter & Actress Kat Edmonson .. Her latest 2020 CD Dreamers Do is a story for all those who dream of a different path in life – the album explores the shared human struggle around daring to dream and it illuminates a range of emotional and psychological consequences that can happen along the way. She was born and raised in Houston as the only child of a single mother who enjoyed songs from the Great American Songbook - She wrote her first song at age nine while riding the school bus .. Over her career, she tasted the American Idol limelight – and was an opening act for Lyle Lovett and credits him as a big mentor .. and she appeared on one of the final episodes of the Late Show with David Letterman  - She’s full of great insights and stories ..  So, get to know her and dig this interview my friends ..

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